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Adolphus Matthew Lacey is an emcee, songwriter, and producer recognized under the alias of Kid Lacey. Born and raised just outside of NYC, Lacey had a love for music since he was able to sing in his church choir. However, he specifically became enamored with Hip-Hop after hearing “Gold Digger”. Just as the song displays, The Kid has adopted similar elements into his style: fresh artistic interventions, old school influence, performative satire, lyrical storytelling, and an unmatched degree of creativity. 


Since acknowledging his calling, The Kid has been in pursuit of advancing his career as a recording artist and creative entrepreneur in general. Throughout his early teenage years, Lacey found a digital home on Soundcloud–where he could upload the beats, rhymes, and melodies of his life. This includes the notorious diss track, “The Awakening”, the heartfelt hit, “10Toes”, the unforgettable “Missed Calls”, and many more. His discography also includes the powerhouse pair of mixtapes, Instrumentally Influenced (& Overdue) & Level Up, two foundational pillars of Lacey’s style. 


Currently a Junior at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Kid Lacey is a devoted student of the game, doing everything he can to fully spread his wings. Since college, he’s released his first “official” song “Flutes on A Plane” with the efforts of Loraxx and Jake Ruzow. In addition to his premium streaming service debut, The Kid has been called on by a number of artists to lay down some knowledge on a feature. Lacey has also started to step more into the light, putting on dynamic performances all over Manhattan and Brooklyn—VNYL, The Well, Wonderville. Needless to say, Kid Lacey is ambitious, passionate, hungry, and he’s starting to make some waves. So don’t drown.



nobody texts me anyway, so this will be fun!

also looking for collaborators

and if you're simply a fan or hater of my craft, lmk

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