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Level Up
The Kid's Sophomore Mixtape

Kid Lacey's second mixtape level up was released in August of 2018. After a summer of unemployment and pure pre-college experience, he buckled down and constructed his best project to date. The tape consists of features from artists like AntiHero 510, Mistress of Rap, and EC3. Lacey strayed away from known instrumentals, which was primary the vibe in his previous project. This time he used and manipulated a number of Youtube, artist inspired beats, furthermore, he produced "The Internet," all by himself, with the help of GarageBand. The overall feeling is set around new beginnings. This is the first time where Lacey is able to exhibit relatively more of his originality, in lyrics, hooks, flows, and even production.

The Kid's Debut Mixtape

This project contains some of Lacey's earliest records, that weren't even fully original. Due to lack of production experience, he decided to re-use popular hip-hop beats and record himself over them. Kid shows off his lyrical versatility in a 10 song ode to bars. Desperate for respect as a legitimate emcee, he pushes the pen an extra inch on songs like "Who's The King?" and "Don't Test Me". He also opens up to music with some raw emotional truth in cuts like "You" and "Growing Apart". II&OD was written over the span of months, recorded in a month, and mixed in a week. As his debut official mixtape, Lacey is just trying to bless your ears and give you some perspective. This is definitely a series that he'll try to continue (let me know if y'all want a part two...)


3P is a slight 3-track project that I threw together at the beginning of my senior year of high school. In this pre-Level Up stage, I was really starting to understand the strength of my pen and lyrical ability. This trilogy exhibits all of those skills and much more. So kick back, relax, and enjoy this little appetizer of chune. 


some of the verses that I bodied 

 while nobody was looking

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